The dataset contained 260 human samples associated with bladder cancer was uploaded in KCGP database.

Dataset ID: DS_BLADDER_001

Title: Predective value of prognosis-related gene expression study in primary bladder cancer


This study aimed to identify the genetic signatures associated with disease prognosis in bladder cancer. We used 165 primary bladder cancer samples, 27 recurrent non-muscle invasive tumor tissues, 58 normal looking bladder mucosae surrounding cancer and 10 normal bladder mucosae for microarray analysis. All samples were obtained from the Chungbuk National University Hospital. Only histologically verified transitional cell carcinoma samples were selected. Simultaneously 58 normal looking bladder mucosae surrounding cancer were obtained during the operation, which were histologically confirmed normal. Also, 10 normal bladder mucosae were obtained from patients with benign disease. The normal controls were determined to be free of cancer after revealing no malignant cells on urine cytology and no observable bladder cancer on cystoscopic examination during operation for their diseases, and were histologically reconfirmed normal (GEO accession number: GSE13507).

Experiements type: expression profiling by array

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